Laurel Canyon, etc.

I hadn't seen Justine (my best friend from New York) for 1.5 years. So it was the best timing in the world when she told me she'd be coming to LA to check out USC Law. The last time I saw her was in Paris, where I'd escaped temporarily for the summer after packing up my apartment in New York. We'd stayed up all night walking the golden lit Parisian streets, knowing it would be some time until we danced again.
We first met as waitresses at Lucien nearly 7 years ago, and quickly recognized each other as sisters. She was dark haired, blue eyed and french. For years we went to night clubs late at night after our waitressing shifts- having deep and intimate conversations there. I leaned on her to explain to strangers about my brand for me when I was too shy and most importantly I trusted her to never tell my secrets and I hers. In New York friends like this can be hard to come by, so leaving her there was heart crushing. I think I almost built a wall up around how hard it's been without her. 
As soon as she touched down in LA with her Chilean husband and brand new 6 month old son Martin, I texted: "Where are you staying?"
Her reply: "Laurel Canyon."

It was one of those uncharacteristic (and for former New Yorkers beloved) rainy Saturdays in LA. I threw on my trench coat be-speckled with hand sewn hearts, my trusty Chanel bag that I bought in Amsterdam, hopped in the ol' Beemer and headed uphill to the famous Laurel Canyon. 
Admittedly I have not spent much time in this neighborhood. It's rather elusive and frankly I don't enjoy driving through the winding hills to reach such neighborhoods. But what a proper excuse to brace myself. 


Immediately when I saw her we launched into our fantasy world, a world that we alone know. It's a place safe from reality, we really become like children creating time and space together, in that moment. I adorned her long hair in my latest creation and she wisps around the stunning and natural Laurel Canyon home, like a movie character perfectly playing the role, while I capture pictures and videos. Just how we used to in New York, riding bikes from Brooklyn to uptown back downtown, capturing life in photos.

Having moved to LA, i think this is one aspect I am desperate to call back. Things are ironically less cinematic here, much more sheltered, always in the home and less access to your friends because of *traffic*.

Being with my best friend reinvigorated my sense of purpose. I feel like I have been trying so hard to make my brand professional, that I've forgotten why I do it in the first place. The reason I started this brand is because it makes my life special. Wearing my creations, meeting up with my friends, documenting our lives and creating stories gives my life meaning. So I'm vowing to myself presently to not let this aspect of the everyday slip away. As we grow up, everything gets busy and serious, but does it have to?

Though our time together was short and she decided not to accept her USC offer, I feel my blood truly bubbling from her visit. I remember who I am, and maybe the lesson within the challenges of life is that you've got to hold onto who you are no matter what happens around you. 


I guess that means I'll have to go visit her in New York soon just to be sure. ;)

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