From Berlin with Love

It's difficult running a business. A fashion business? VERY difficult. Doing it on your own is near impossible. So when I received an email from a fashion student in Berlin, Germany stating that she wanted to be apart of Stickybaby, I was all but in awe.

A messy room with an iron, sewing machine and handmade garments scattered

I've mentored a handful of interns which is honestly remarkable. Each of them have taught me and have helped shape my brand into what it is today. Ronny having written to me from Berlin is monumental. She had seen my brand from across the world and considered it viable in her university studies.

We began working together remotely and made a plan for her to come to LA to work in person for two weeks. Upon her arrival, I was simply amazed. Such a brave person to come all this way in the name of fashion and for my small brand. It's true that I get along with any person who loves fashion and art the way that I do. I admit it was emotional to receive Ronny and begin to understand the impact that my brand has.

my intern from Berlin and I attending the Beepy Bella event at the new Maison Kitsune location in Silverlake Los Angeles

We hit the ground running and immediately began drawing up ideas for a holiday collection. I took Ronny to Downtown Los Angeles where the fabric, trims, sewers and cutters reside in the garment district here. She was blown away at all that Los Angeles has to offer in these departments. 

Our intern ronny sits at the dining table in a Stickybaby sweatshirt handmade in LA

After hours we enjoyed so much together. One evening in particular, I took Ronny to El Prado bar in Echo Park where we enjoyed their signature hot dogs and orange wine. We even went to a fashion event at the Cafe Kitsune hosted by Beepy Bella where we were photographed by well known photographer known as Cobra Snake!

Ronny at the Topanga Beach in California

This was a life changing experience for me. Hosting such a talented young person all the way from Germany and noting how lucky I am to be doing my project in the US, where actually so much is possible. Self confidence can be difficult no matter who you are. Confidence in my small, indie project with so many bigger projects with loads more money to compete with can be extremely difficult. Experiences like this make it worth it, so worth it. If a student in Germany can see what I do and feel inspired to take action and be a part of it, well I think that's what they mean when they say "moving mountains." :)

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