Freeways and Difficulties

Strolling home from Van Leeuwen ice cream, having gotten the vegan chocolate brownie cup with whipped cream, the poetic title of this blog post suddenly washed over me. Something about dodging the frightening and confident, unhoused residents of this town while navigating the deafening underpasses which guide my way home- is beginning to inspire me.


 Hippie girl in vintage garb leans against a stone wall waiting for a ride with her thumb extended


In August I will have lived and worked in Los Angeles for one year. I have heard others say this same thing but- it's been one of the most challenging years of my life, and I'm loving it. I have struggled to find meaning in wardrobe eccentricities here in LA, as most give priority to comfortable, casual and cool. No more ankle-length tutu's in the streets for me? No more streets generally period. Walking in New York and being absorbed in so many different people's day lends an important element to the decision making process while dressing. Who will see me one my way to work in New York? Everybody. Who will see me on my way to work in "Eagle Rock"? Nobody. But it's one of those things that are integral to change and growth- don't fight it. Absorb it. I'm doing my best and at the same time am severely over dressed every place I go. 

Confident and relaxed girl stands in front of blank drawing paper taped to a wall in Los Angeles

I'm doing my damndest to observe and adapt to the simple and laid back fashion sense of Los Angeles. Gathering men's shirting fabrics from Silks and Woolens on Beverly Boulevard; constructing it into a very simple tank with elastic, bow straps. I imagine this with a chunky knit cardigan or hippie-style, patched up blue jeans. 

Collage of Californian girl standing in front a gothic Beachwood Canyon home

I know the road is leading to somewhere. Hopefully it's lined with flowers, big trees, sunshine and good clothes. 

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